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A. Notesmaster Project

What is the Notesmaster Project?

The Notesmaster Project aims to establish a global network of tailored e-learning websites by 2015, starting first with the countries and regions of the Commonwealth. Through partnerships with governments, examinations councils and distance learning colleges, each Notesmaster website is structured around recognised learning frameworks. 

These partnerships foster a collaborative development process that ensures each Notesmaster website is tailored to the needs of a partner's educational community. The cost of creating a tailored Notesmaster website are covered by the Notesmaster Project, meaning our partners have minimal financial considerations in joining or becoming eligible to partner in the network.

Notesmaster websites are free to use by all educational organisations, teachers and students. Registered members are encouraged to contribute material and make use of the many features and resources on offer. The Notesmaster Project will enter a new phase in 2013 with the structured networking together of all Notesmaster learning communities. This will see our partners exist independently with their own learning frameworks on their own Notesmaster websites and now also collectively through sharing and collaborating across the different websites.

For more information on the project, please use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.

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